Specializing in large, complex airframe components for the aerospace industry. Commercial Aircraft Structures Military Aircraft Structures Space Systems Structural components like: Spars, Wing Skins, Chords, Seat Tracks, Wing Ribs, Translation Rails, Engine Mounts, Thrust Reverser Fittings etc. Experts in machining: Titanium Aluminum Alloy Steel and Stainless Steel INCONEL Manufacturing State of the art CAD/CAM solutions.      CATIA            NCL     V4 & V5 We create programs that adhere to complex geometries. Proven experience in programming strategies and tool design. Our programmers have years of hands on experience in the Machine Shop. Optimized Programs Fixture/Tool Design Analysis Check Fixtures Planning Programming / Engineering Multi-Spindle machines: 3,4, and 5 axis machines designed to fit the airframe of today. HAI designed and built Gantry Mills range in size and capabilities. 6 Spindle 3 Axis to 3 Spindle 5 Axis configurations. HAI Gantry Mills can machine parts up to 200 ft. long. We can modify our Machine Tool configurations to meet virtually any customers requirements.      More Capabilities: Capabilities
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